I designed my Winter 2006 Collection for the retailer who demands jewelry of quality, accessibility and modernity. The Collection is a creative mix of colorful gems and pearls with a joyful, sexy spirit. It satisfies the unyielding demands of retail clients who seek a sense of discovery when they buy.

The enhancers from my Trellis Collection redefine traditional pendants. Inspired by nature, they have a softly architectural feel. Colored sapphires, pink tourmalines, grossalar garnets and matte onyx embody the juxtaposition of the luxurious and the artisinal. Coordinating briolette necklaces, long beads and gold chains allow for layered, individualized styling. This upcoming Winter Season the focus on Black and White with its chic elegance continues. The duet of onyx and pearls is always smart and classic, and now, paired with diamonds, becomes glamorous. A new butterfly and touches of tanzanite have been added to my sapphire Dewdrop Collection.
Frogs, flowers and leaves still abound.


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